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PoBox 21.
73 81 Frydek Mistek
Czech Republic

Mail: info (at)

  • Europe: This is where your data stays and it is protected.
  • Tracking disabled in our Web properties and newsletters.
  • For all Subject Access request reach out to us. You are in control.

Your Data is YOUR data:

We do collect general contact details, such as name or email, for the purpose of:

  • Share educational content: Provide digital content, when relevant, to support your learning experience during an event.
  • News and Updates: Receive newsletters (no more than once month) on the activities, events or projects we are running. You will receive such communication after your registration
  • Deliver a workshop: Manage, coordinate deliver a workshop.
  • Facebook Pages: Facebook collects personal data which is accessible to us when you interact with our facebook page. We use this channel to engage, and such interactions stays in Facebook. See Facebook privacy notice for details

Scope of this policy includes:
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